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SEC Subpoenas Riot Blockchain Over Cryptocurrency Plans

Various worrisome trends involving blockchain technology exist as of right now. One of the more popular solutions for struggling firms is to announce blockchain or cryptocurrency plans. As a result of such turnaround efforts, company stocks will usually soar in value. For Colorado-based Riot Blockchain, the decision to pursue this option backfired rather spectacularly. Riot Blockchain Gets Subpoenaed Riot Blockchain is not the only company to be looking at ways to …
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SEC Continues ICO Crackdown with Dozens of Subpoenas

The SEC is on an active quest to remove all illicit offerings from the cryptocurrency ecosystem. That is quite a steep challenge, as there are a lot of things to take into consideration. The commission’s latest effort involves issuing dozens of subpoenas to ICO issuers. The SEC Steps up its Game Most people will be pleased to see the SEC take this course of action. There is nothing wrong with what the agency …
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