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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Drops Another $200

Bitcoin has continued to drop consistently over the last 48 hours. After a weekend high of roughly $9,800, many analysts and users thought bitcoin would strike the $10,000 mark in the coming days, though that figure laid out some serious resistance that bitcoin was unable to surpass. Since then, it has subsequently dropped to $9,500 and then $9,300, and is sitting at $9,100 at press time. The drops may have …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Rises by Nearly $300

Cryptocurrency advocates woke up to the good news that bitcoin is trading for around $8,900. Bitcoin is expected to break $9,000 by next week as markets and regulators alike appear to be taking on a more bullish stance. Bitcoin spent nearly 24 hours hovering in limbo. Stuck at the $8,600 mark, traders were unclear about whether the short, sporadic price hikes Fundstrat’s Thomas Lee recently spoke of would occur in …
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Top 5 Stock Market Scams

The stock market attracts all kinds of companies and entrepreneurs. Whereas some companies unfortunately fail, a few scams have found their way onto the stock market as well. In fact, there have been quite a few stock market scams over the past few decades, all of which caused significant financial losses for investors all over the world. 5. Bre-X Minerals In the year 1997, the stock market was mesmerized by …
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