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A Beginner’s Guide to Steem

Cryptocurrencies have grown to include a wide array of uses, some far more creative and legitimate than others. One unique implementation of blockchain technology can be seen in Steem, a blockchain-based social media platform. What is STEEM? Steem is a custom blockchain responsible for rewarding content creators and site participants of steemit.com. Through a complex algorithm, the site’s participants, content creators, and miners receive some combination of payouts from the platform’s three currencies: Steem (STEEM), …
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Steemit Festival “SteemFest” Comes To Amsterdam In November of 2016

The Steemit platform continues to make waves in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Even though these are still the early days, the first ever public event regarding this new social platform has been announced. SteemFest, as the event will be named, will run from November 11-13 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Growth of Steemit is Remarkable Hosting a three-day conference revolving around the Steemit platform sounds quite novel on paper. Although the …
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