Steemit Festival “SteemFest” Comes To Amsterdam In November of 2016

The Steemit platform continues to make waves in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Even though these are still the early days, the first ever public event regarding this new social platform has been announced. SteemFest, as the event will be named, will run from November 11-13 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Growth of Steemit is Remarkable

Hosting a three-day conference revolving around the Steemit platform sounds quite novel on paper. Although the social platform has only been around for a few months, its user base has grown spectacularly. Rewarding users to post and vote online with financial incentives seems to pay off already, and interest in the platform continues to grow.

All of this has culminated into the first ever Steemit-oriented conference, called SteemFest. With a growing number of active users in Europe, SteemFest will take place in Amsterdam. This three-day event will focus on various topics related to Steemit and cryptocurrency. Everyone who attends will receive 1,000 Steem Power, just for showing their support.

SteemFest organizer Roeland Landegent told the media:

“The purpose of SteemFest is to leverage the incredible vibe of Steemit and create an environment in which a group of diverse thinkers, technophiles, libertarians, crypto enthusiasts and creative people can congregate. We will be able to nurture new relationships, learn from each other and discuss the endless possibilities of the Steemit blockchain for blogging, apps, business, and development. The potential of the Steem blockchain is truly limitless; this is what we want to celebrate while also thinking of ways to enhance further mainstream adoption and modernize the way people can gain more for their community contributions.”

Although it remains to be seen how many people will attend this event, the organizers are hopeful to see at least two hundred people. Ticket prices have yet to be announced, although it remains to be seen how expensive the event will be. No official names have been announced either, although that information is expected to be released in the coming days.

When Steemit was created, no one had expected things to take off so quickly. Users are sometimes making well over US$1,000 for sharing or creating content on the platform. Having users organize their own events within the first year of this platform being around goes to show there is a genuine interest in the concept.

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