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IEEE Approves New 5 Gbps Ethernet Standard For Consumer Usage

Speeding up internet connectivity is beneficial to everyone, including Bitcoin users. A new Ethernet standard is in development, which would allow for transfer speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps over standard cables. The IEEE has approved this new standard, which can achieve 5 Gbps Ethernet speeds when using Cat 6 cables. Raising The Bar For Ethernet Speeds As our society evolves, the need for faster Internet connectivity becomes more apparent. …
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Bitwage Unveils New iPhone App

  Bitcoin payroll company Bitwage has unveiled their new iPhone App today. In his blog post, CEO of Bitwage Jonathan Chester, explained that the success of the company’s Android App paved the way for the release the new iPhone mobile application, “Given the success of our Android and Web applications, we decided that the iPhone platform would help us better service our users in the US and around the world.” …
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Unicode Standard will add support for the Bitcoin sign with their next update

Apart from the unexpected bitcoin value increase, more good news for the fans of the digital currency appeared recently. The latest reports denote that the Bitcoin sign has just been accepted by the Unicode Standard. What does this mean exactly? The BTC sign will be included in the future version of Unicode. If one was to type in the sign right now, the result would look like a box with a question mark …
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