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Unicode Standard will add support for the Bitcoin sign with their next update

Apart from the unexpected bitcoin value increase, more good news for the fans of the digital currency appeared recently. The latest reports denote that the Bitcoin sign has just been accepted by the Unicode Standard.

What does this mean exactly? The BTC sign will be included in the future version of Unicode. If one was to type in the sign right now, the result would look like a box with a question mark inside it. Not for long though, as the next Unicode Standard update will introduce the BTC sign. Proposals to include the sign in the Unicode have been made in the past, especially by Twitter user @kenshirriff, who sent his around a month ago. Now, the outcome of the proposal was finally revealed, as a positive one.

In the original proposal to Unicode Standard, the Bitcoin sign was described as a capital letter B with two vertical lines striking through it, which are only visible at the top and bottom of the B.

In the past, various platforms including Reddit have tried to add support for the sign, but most failed, due to various technical issues. Now, that the Unicode Standard will offer support for the sign, its adoption will be much easier.

This is yet another win for the digital currency, as it now has its own, official, sign that also happens to be writable.

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