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Stampery Drops Forked Ethereum Blockchain Support Due To Censorship Concerns

More and more companies are openly showing their support for Ethereum Classic. To the majority of enterprises in the cryptocurrency world, supporting ETC may not make much sense. But Stampery feels there is a good reason to support the pre-hard fork Ethereum initiative. After all, the company wants to let anyone create verifiable records of their data. Stampery Cares About Ethereum Classic Putting personal feelings aside is often difficult for …
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Stampery Announces More Powerful API And New Interface

Anchoring data to the Bitcoin blockchain is an emerging trend these days. Stampery is one o the companies active in this space, and they have launched a new API for industrial users. Moreover, the certification service has been improved, allowing for a faster and slicker user experience. Stampery Targets A Bigger Crowd Most people know Stampery as a new notarization solution using the blockchain to anchor data. Using this technology …
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