Stampery Drops Forked Ethereum Blockchain Support Due To Censorship Concerns

More and more companies are openly showing their support for Ethereum Classic. To the majority of enterprises in the cryptocurrency world, supporting ETC may not make much sense. But Stampery feels there is a good reason to support the pre-hard fork Ethereum initiative. After all, the company wants to let anyone create verifiable records of their data.

Stampery Cares About Ethereum Classic

Putting personal feelings aside is often difficult for cryptocurrency companies these days. Luckily, Stampery is not among them, as the team leverage blockchain technology to create tamper-proof records of data. That is the primary selling point of an open blockchain after all: immutable and unmodifiable records of digital events.

This also means that it should be entirely impossible to reverse or delete any transaction that has taken place on this blockchain, to begin with. The company strongly feels blockchains should be censorship-resistant, as all protocol-compliant transactions should be included in the ledger at all times. Up until this point, Stampery used both the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain to achieve their goals.

That situation had come to change since the Ethereum hard fork, though, as Stampery feels the Ethereum blockchain is not censorship-resistant anymore. The company decided to stick with Ethereum Classic for now, as the hard fork created a dangerous precedent for future rollbacks and modifications.

“For transactions to be final and unmodifiable, blockchains need to be immune to third party interference. This promise was completely broken by Ethereum. Hard forks should only happen when a catastrophic bug puts in danger the core values of the technology. In this case, the consensus mechanism worked just fine. The blockchain was modified simply because a group of people lost too much money and they decided to bail themselves out.”

Albeit the Ethereum Classic hashrate is lower compared to the Ethereum fork, the data protected by Stampery is still anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain as well. If Ethereum Classic would lose a lot of support all of a sudden, Stampery will look for other secure blockchain solutions. This does mean the company is not considering the forked Ethereum blockchain as a worthy replacement for the future.

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