Stampery Announces More Powerful API And New Interface

Anchoring data to the Bitcoin blockchain is an emerging trend these days. Stampery is one o the companies active in this space, and they have launched a new API for industrial users. Moreover, the certification service has been improved, allowing for a faster and slicker user experience.

Stampery Targets A Bigger Crowd

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Most people know Stampery as a new notarization solution using the blockchain to anchor data. Using this technology allows for proof of ownership and proof of existence, both of which are invaluable to notary services. Moreover, Stumpery also generates a proof of receipt, which is timestamped and a valid proof that someone received your communication in time.

Several new updates have been made to the platform, starting with a more powerful API. Such an API allows developers to use this blockchain-based notary service in an industrial manner. For example, it is now possible to execute Ethereum settlement, and all of the Stumpery records are embedded in the Ethereum blockchain as well. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two open blockchains, and it is positive to see companies use both solutions at their disposal.

But there is more, as the new Stumpery API will bring far better scalability than ever before. Given the sheer number of data transactions generated around the world every second, a scalable solution on the blockchain is direly needed. Albeit there is still a long way to go, the new API offers 100x the capability compared to its previous version.

On the consumer side of things, the interface of the Stampery service has received an overhaul as well. Making these solutions convenient and easy to use are two of the top priorities for the company. On that same topic, the new platform, which also serves as the new interface, has removed some of the lesser-used functions. Dropbox, government ID verification and legacy BCC email timestamping have all been dropped.

It is important to keep in mind is a service completely free of charge. Stumpery prides itself on democratizing automatic and fast generation of independently verifiable and immutable records. is now open the to the public, and users are advised to provide any feedback or suggestions to the developers.

Source: Stampery

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