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In the Crypto Age, Our Encryption Needs to Evolve—Again

It’s not something you see when you browse the internet. It’s not something you see when you hand someone cash. But you may notice it when you’re reaching for the credit card reader at your local Starbucks to accept your credit card chip. Why Our Encryption Protocols Need To Change Over a decade ago, the perfect cipher was created, One-Time Pad (OTP), a technique which provides a one-time encryption key allowing a small group …
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Let’s Encrypt Issued Over 15,000 PayPal SSL Certificates to Phishing Sites

Internet users have a difficult time protecting themselves from phishing attacks these days. Although most of these spam messages are filtered by email service providers automatically, some of the messages get through regardless. The fact that PayPal phishing sites have a legitimate SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt is not helping matters either. Even PayPal Phishing Sites Have SSL Certificates When it comes to mimicking a legitimate website, it is …
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