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Square’s Bitcoin Sales Volume Has Increased Sixfold Since Q1 2018

Getting more people interested in Bitcoin remains a big hurdle to overcome. Square, the popular financial services provider, is doing its part to make this happen. Thousands of financial service providers exist around the world. Some of them explore options outside of traditional finance.  Another Good Quarter for Square Square is one of those providers, as they seemingly favor cryptocurrencies. The company allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin. Although …
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Square Expands Option to Buy Bitcoin Through Cash App

Purchasing cryptocurrency remains one of the biggest problems to be overcome in this industry. Signing up for an exchange and verifying one’s identity is very cumbersome. Moreover, there is no convenient and fast way to buy cryptocurrency either. Square is looking to make an impact in this regard, as its Bitcoin purchase option is coming to more app users very soon. Square Expands Bitcoin Functionality A lot of people were taken aback …
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Magic Johnson Exits Square After Less Than A Year

Square has become one of the most attractive and affordable credit card payment processors in recent times, and the addition of Magic Johnson to their board was seen as a vote of confidence. However, now that Johnson has officially resigned, no one seems to know what is on the horizon for Square’s public image. Magic Johnson Leaves Square This news came as quite a surprise to the entire financial world, …
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