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Spheris’ Crowdsale is Live

Decentralization of almost everything is one of the greatest things that the blockchain as given us. That is why it is so exciting to see projects like Spheris up and running. In fact, their token sale is now live and they have already launched the pre-alpha version of their marketplace. What is Spheris? In short, Spheris is a marketplace for decentralized applications. The team realized that in our world today, …
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Spheris Wants to Make a Decentralized App Marketplace

The beauty of decentralization is that it gives consumers the chance to move away from corporate giants. This is why blockchain technology has been so disruptive to so many different industries. One area being taken on by a project called Spheris is mobile application acquisition. Let’s take a look at this project and explore what it has to offer. A BLOCKCHAIN APP STORE There are really only two options for …
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Spheris – New Decentralized Application Marketplace

NETANYA, ISRAEL AUGUST 14, 2017 Spheris is pleased to announce the official launch of their new multi-platform, open source Decentralized Application Marketplace. This innovative platform leverages blockchain technology, with the intention of revolutionizing the idea of application distribution by ending the reign of the centralized app stores controlled by large corporations. With the launch of Spheris, developers will have access to a free and uncensored app store that offers them hundred percent …
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