Spheris’ Crowdsale is Live

Decentralization of almost everything is one of the greatest things that the blockchain as given us. That is why it is so exciting to see projects like Spheris up and running. In fact, their token sale is now live and they have already launched the pre-alpha version of their marketplace.

What is Spheris?

In short, Spheris is a marketplace for decentralized applications. The team realized that in our world today, there really only are two choices for buying and selling applications. However, the Google and Apple models of app acquisition are problematic and were in dire need of being fixed. That is where Spheris steps in.

Spheris wants to create an ecosystem where consumers of applications and developers have a direct connection to one another backed by the blockchain and their DAM Architecture. This does a few things. Firstly it cuts out the massive amount of royalties and fees that the platforms take today. Sometimes a platform acting as a third party can take up to 30% of the revenue generated from a sale. This is bad for both consumers and developers, since this can up the price on consumers and lower the price for developers. Spheris realizes this not fair. By making these direct connections it also allows for users and developers to have an all in one user friendly interface they interact with.

The Crowdsale and Its Bonuses

As mentioned before, Spheris’ crowdsale is now live and they are offering some impressive bonuses as well. The sale will continue running until October 19th and 1.24 Trillion SPRS tokens are available to buy. There is a total maximum supply of 2 Trillion SPRS. Both Ethereum and Bitcoin are accepted to buy these tokens with base rates of 1 ETH worth 300,000 SPRS and 1 Bitcoin equaling 3,900,000 SPRS. If there are still unsold tokens at the end of the crowdsale, they will be distributed among crowdsale contributors proportionally since Spheris has chosen not to burn any tokens.

As mentioned before, there are some really nice bonuses for this crowdsale too. While the base rate may be 1 ETH equaling 300,000 SPRS, contributors who participate the next twenty hours or so get an extra 60,000 SPRS per 1 ETH. Even though as time goes on these bonuses go down, they are still really rather nice. The next bracket is an extra 45,000 SPRS, followed by an extra 30,000 SPRS and finally an extra 15,000 SPRS per 1 ETH. While this obviously benefits earlier investors the most, someone who finds out about this tomorrow and still wants to participate gets a bonus. Anything above the base rate is always nice to have.

Check out their crowdsale here: https://spheris.io/

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