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South Africa’s Central Bank Addresses Illicit Money Transfers in Bitcoin

Governments around the globe are trying to regulate cryptocurrencies to the best of their abilities. Particularly where criminal use cases of Bitcoin are concerned, some new rules need to be introduced. The South African central bank is currently working on a way to prevent the evasion of currency controls. Another Central Bank Focusing on Bitcoin According to the Reserve Bank of South Africa, cryptocurrencies are used on a “regular basis” …
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South African Kidnappers Demand a 15 Bitcoin Ransom

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have always been appealing to criminals. Whereas most of the illegal activity takes place online, that is not always the case. In South Africa, a kidnapping of a 12-year-old child is making headlines. This is mainly because the kidnappers have demanded a 15 Bitcoin ransom prior to releasing the child. Another Bitcoin-related Kidnapping In the world of criminal activity, covering one’s tracks is not all that …
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South African News Outlet Writes Honest Bitcoin Article

It is impossible to deny there is a Bitcoin adoption push taking place in South Africa as of late. Especially now that the country‚Äôs leading journalistic entity has done a special on Bitcoin, the future is looking very bright, to say the least. Carte Blanche South Africa Talks Bitcoin It does not often happen a journalistic entity keeps an open mind towards Bitcoin and digital currency these days. Most mainstream …
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