South African News Outlet Writes Honest Bitcoin Article

It is impossible to deny there is a Bitcoin adoption push taking place in South Africa as of late. Especially now that the country’s leading journalistic entity has done a special on Bitcoin, the future is looking very bright, to say the least.

Carte Blanche South Africa Talks Bitcoin

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It does not often happen a journalistic entity keeps an open mind towards Bitcoin and digital currency these days. Most mainstream media seem to make derogatory comments about Bitcoin at every possible turn, but Carte Blanche in South Africa decided to take an entirely different approach.

In fact, they went as far as putting up an article detailing answers to ten questions people had related to Bitcoin. This type of informative approach to the world of cryptocurrency shows that mainstream media can play the investigative and educational role as originally envisioned. The answer to some of the most common questions was openly positive, and there are no hidden agendas to speak of.

To be more precise, Carte Blanche openly stated how Bitcoin is not anonymous. They did mention how all Bitcoin transactions are recorded extensively, and users can take additional precautions to ensure their privacy is respected. However, anonymity is not an attribute people should associate with cryptocurrency, and it is good someone in the media decided to set the record straight.

But that is not all, as Carte Blanche also got in touch with several Bitcoin industry experts to get their opinions and some quotes for the article. BitGo Inc. CEO Will O’Brien stated how Bitcoin is “kind of like email for money”, and the media outlet used that exact quote to start off their article. Quite a nice touch to put Bitcoin on the map, that much is certain.

We can only hope to see more mainstream media outlets take a similar approach, rather than making a fool of themselves with the misinformed Bitcoin obituaries we have seen throughout the years. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin will not be going anywhere anytime soon, and the time has come to respect this phenomenon rather than try and dismiss it.

Source: Carte Blanche

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