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The Bitcoin Halving – What Do I Need To Do?

With the upcoming Bitcoin halving, a lot of people are wondering if they need to undertake concrete action to ensure their software is up-to-date. As long as one is running the latest version of Bitcoin Core – or a mobile client – there is nothing to worry about. While this change does take place on the source code side of things, there is still plenty of time to update clients …
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Cryptocurrency Exchange Operators Need To Vet Altcoin Source Code Before Adding Coins

Running a successful cryptocurrency exchange is not as easy as people might assume. Not only will operators have to keep an eye on the servers and trading engine to make sure everything runs smoothly, but new coins will have to be added over time as well. However, that doesn’t mean just any altcoin should be added, especially not without vetting the source code. Also read: Bitcoin Is The Answer To …
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