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Coronavirus Crisis Shows Benefits of Virtual Reality to Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

During the coronavirus crisis, a lot of focus has shifted to online meetings and virtual communication. All of this seems to indicate that virtual reality will become more popular, even in the cryptocurrency space. Virtual reality remains a very niche technology for most consumers and companies. Exploring Crypto and Virtual Reality¬† It is something no one really needs, despite its potential. During the coronavirus crisis, the demand for online “social” …
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Bitcoin Tipping Platform Zapchain Shuts Down On August 31

Zapchain was once touted as a future mainstream Bitcoin use cases. The company had a very simple business model: everyone could submit content and ask questions. Users could then tip valuable answers of posts with Bitcoin payments. Unfortunately, the company announced they would shut down after seeing a significant decline in user activity. Zapchain Comes At The End of The Line Monetizing social activity with Bitcoin is a great concept …
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Bitcoin Blockchain-Powered Social Network Yours To Unveil Preview Soon

The Yours platform is getting a lot of attention as of late, even though the project is still under development as we speak.The primary objective of this platform is to create a social platform where content creators can get paid to share their creations. Moreover, users who discover good content can earn money as well. Yours Is Getting Closer To Launch For the time being, it is still difficult to …
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