Coronavirus Crisis Shows Benefits of Virtual Reality to Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

During the coronavirus crisis, a lot of focus has shifted to online meetings and virtual communication. All of this seems to indicate that virtual reality will become more popular, even in the cryptocurrency space.

Virtual reality remains a very niche technology for most consumers and companies.

Exploring Crypto and Virtual Reality 

It is something no one really needs, despite its potential.

During the coronavirus crisis, the demand for online “social” solutions is on the rise.

As such, now is the time to shine for virtual reality, even in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Several cryptocurrency-oriented meetings have already taken place in VR over the past few months.

Although the user pool is still relatively small, it shows how much potential this technology has.

That being said, there is still a lack of VR-oriented crypto and blockchain projects.

So far, it seems Decentraland is the only real option worth exploring, at least for now.

Until VR takes off on a larger scale, there isn’t any real need for developers to explore that technology either.

Only time will tell whether VR and crypto can flourish together, or remain separate niche markets.

It is evident that innovative technologies will need to get to the “next level” of adoption.

Right now, it appears that such a shift will happen for cryptocurrency, but not necessarily for virtual reality.