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Smartphone Urban Legends and How You’ll Save Money

Hearing rumors and pseudoscience about all kinds of things has existed for hundreds of years, things like your blood is blue after it drops off its oxygen around your body or your tongue has different parts that taste different flavors. Another popular subject of myths like this is something that may not surprise you, but rather the number of myths about it that are not true may surprise you, smartphones.  …
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A Pre-installed App in Some American Android Phones is Sending Data To Chinese Servers

According to Cybersecurity firm Kryptowire, some Android phones, including those from American phone manufacturer BLU, are being preinstalled with software that monitors where users go, who  they call, and what they text. The information is then sent back to Chinese servers. A software dedicated to spying on users is the trojan horse hidden inside some phones manufactured in China. Kryptowire, a Cybersecurity consulting firm, has released a report stating that such malware …
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