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Users can now Export WooCommerce and Shopify Listings to OpenBazaar

The OpenBazaar project has received a lot of positive attention since its inception. As more functionality is brought to the platform, the use of cryptocurrencies will only increase. Creating a listing on OpenBazaar is still manual labor, for the most part. OpenBazaar Keeps Evolving Convincing existing online shop owners to convert to this new solution is not straightforward. That is, unless they can export their existing product and service offerings …
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Spend Bitcoin On The Gamer In Your Life

Bitcoin allows for anyone to start their own business, as the digital currency serves as a global payment method. Regardless of what items or services one has to offer, there is always someone in the digital currency world looking for that particular thing. Geek ‘N Gamer Gear is a brand new store launched by a passionate Bitcoin user and offers some great and cheap items your gamer friends will enjoy. …
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