Users can now Export WooCommerce and Shopify Listings to OpenBazaar

The OpenBazaar project has received a lot of positive attention since its inception. As more functionality is brought to the platform, the use of cryptocurrencies will only increase.

Creating a listing on OpenBazaar is still manual labor, for the most part.

OpenBazaar Keeps Evolving

Convincing existing online shop owners to convert to this new solution is not straightforward.

That is, unless they can export their existing product and service offerings in a convenient manner.

It now appears that will be possible without too many issues.

The OpenBazaar Import script will play a crucial role in this regard.

At its core, it allows users to export their WooCommerce offerings to OB without problems. 

This solution is also compatible with Shopify, and other supported platforms will be introduced in the future. 

It is still a solution for the tech-savvy crowd, but it is a welcome addition regardless. 

The script is now open sourced, thus it can effectively be utilized by anyone in the world.

Slowly but surely, it appears that OpenBazaar will become more widespread in terms of usage. 

While this is a prominent development, it seems unlikely that this platform will rival the likes of eBay anytime soon.

That is not necessarily a bad thing either, as the vision by OpenBazaar is very different from traditional auction platforms.

By giving users the chance to sell any product or service to anyone in the world in exchange for cryptocurrencies, a decentralized solution is created.