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Bitcoin allows for anyone to start their own business, as the digital currency serves as a global payment method. Regardless of what items or services one has to offer, there is always someone in the digital currency world looking for that particular thing. Geek ‘N Gamer Gear is a brand new store launched by a passionate Bitcoin user and offers some great and cheap items your gamer friends will enjoy.

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Gadgets Galore At Geek ‘N Gamer Gear

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Shop Geek 'N Gamer Gear

Whenever a particular use case for Bitcoin does not exist yet, the best way to go about things is by creating it yourself. There is an enormous opportunity to attract gamers to the Bitcoin world, as both communities seem to share similar traits. But it is hard to come across a shop that sells gaming “goodies” in exchange for digital currency.

Most of the focus seem to lie on selling the games themselves, preferably in digital format. Platforms such as Gamesplanet and Greenmangaming accept Bitcoin payments for quite some time now, However, if a gamer is looking for some keychains, plushies, or even retro controllers, they will have to look elsewhere.

Geek ’N Gamer Gear will change that situation, though, as this new webshop is dedicated to selling everything associated with gaming and anime, but not the games themselves. A lot of the focus lies on clothing, jewelry, and toys, and there are plenty of items to surprise the gamer in your life. Plus, most of these items are rather cheap, which is a bonus.

This website is not created by just anyone either, mind you, as the owner has over 1,000 sales under his belt on eBay and other marketplace platforms. The decision to launch his online shop and accept Bitcoin payments is more of a hobby right now, but if the store becomes successful, it could become his “main” platform.

With a very large selection of items from day one, and by offering free shipping on all orders, Geek ‘N Gamer Gear could become a big platform in the years to come. Not only is Bitcoin accepted, but consumers can also use more traditional options, such as credit cards and PayPal.  Accepting a multitude of different payment options will bring positive attention to the Bitcoin ecosystem as well.

Keeping in mind how the Shopify platform is very straightforward when it comes to integrating Bitcoin payment solutions, it would come as no surprise to see more online shops making the switch to Bitcoin in the future. There are plenty of opportunities to explore in the world of digital currency, and customers from all over the world are looking for gadgets and gifts related to gaming and anime.

Website: http://geekngamergear.com/

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