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CoinOffering Uses Smart Contracts To Issue Company Shares As Ethereum Tokens

Many exciting things are taking place in the blockchain ecosystem right now. CoinOffering is the first company that will issue its shares as Ethereum tokens. This Marshall Islands-registered company is not confined to the online space either, as they operate in the legal field as well. Additionally, other companies can use their service to use Ethereum smart contracts for various corporate functions. CoinOffering Is Keen on Ethereum Smart Contracts Although …
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BNP Paribas Partners with SmartAngels on Blockchain Securities Issuing for Startups

BNP Paribas Securities Services has partnered with French crowdfunding platform SmartAngels, on a pilot program that will use blockchain technology to give small companies and startups the ability to issue shares and raise money from retail and accredited investors. The pilot program will be the first of its kind in France, and is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2016, if regulatory approval is granted. In today’s blog …
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