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26% Of STOs in Europe Failed or Were Canceled

Security token offerings are still a very niche market. While there is merit to this model compared to ICOs,  investors have cooled off on blindly investing in tokens and assets. In Europe, things are not looking all that bad, despite some initial growing pains along the way. A healthy increase in successful tokenized projects shows this market may undergo some prominent changes over the coming years.  26% of STO do …
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A Blockchain Health Tech Company Begins Security Token Offering and Deploys Beta Product

A Blockchain-based Mobile Application Will Help Providers Engage with Their Patients Pittsburgh, PA Mar 30, 2019 –  Healthereum LLC has created the patient mobile application called the “Healthereum Life Portfolio”, or HELIO, and the beta version is ready for use on Android and iOS devices. What is it? It is an application that allows patients to “Promise to Show” for an appointment, complete healthcare surveys after the visit, receive task messages …
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What Is a Security Token Offering?

The world of initial coin offerings is bound to undergo some major changes. Regulators all over the world are closely scrutinizing this industry because of its somewhat shady nature. Transforming this business model into security token offerings could alleviate a lot of concerns. However, most people have no idea what an STO entails exactly. The Appeal of a Security Token Offering Even though the initial coin offering industry has been pretty popular …
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