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Finnish Police Prepare to Take OneCoin to Court

OneCoin is slowly catching the attention of more law enforcement agencies worldwide. After initial investigations in India, Italy, and the United Kingdom, it now appears the notorious Ponzi scheme is under investigation by the Finnish authorities as well. It is good to see a global crackdown against OneCoin, since this pyramid scheme has taken money from thousands of investors. Moreover, the team seemingly is not too concerned with providing any transparency regarding the project or …
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The Only Exchange “Trading” OneCoin Does Not Even Allow Signups

OneCoin is one of the biggest cryptocurrency-related scams ever to gain traction. Despite the obvious flaws in this MLM-based proposal, a lot of investors continue to flock to OneCoin in the hopes of striking it rich. No one, however, has wondered why there is no exchange for OneCoin, other than XCoinX. Unfortunately, it is not even possible to register an account on that platform. The Mysterious XcoinX Exchange Cryptocurrency exchanges …
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