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Latest Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Addresses Malleability and Expands Schnorr Support

The Bitcoin Cash network has received some major upgrades. These upgrades were introduced as part of the ongoing roadmap which seeks to make this forked version of Bitcoin more scalable. In the new update, a few interesting tidbits stand out. A Solid Bitcoin Cash Network Upgrade First of all, the developers have finally removed the BIP62 malleability that has been lingering in the code for some time now.  It is …
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What are Schnorr Signatures?

Every bitcoin user knows the popular currency is based on cryptographic standards and technology. As a result, bitcoin developers can regularly introduce new features to make the currency more secure and attractive. Schnorr signatures is one particular cryptographic implementation that is of keen interest to bitcoin developers as of right now. Now would be a good time to take a closer look at what makes Schnorr signatures so appealing. Schnorr …
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