Latest Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Addresses Malleability and Expands Schnorr Support

The Bitcoin Cash network has received some major upgrades. These upgrades were introduced as part of the ongoing roadmap which seeks to make this forked version of Bitcoin more scalable.

In the new update, a few interesting tidbits stand out.

A Solid Bitcoin Cash Network Upgrade

First of all, the developers have finally removed the BIP62 malleability that has been lingering in the code for some time now. 

It is a crucial fix, as no one wants to see another cryptocurrency network fall victim to malleability attacks.

It is important to note that this fix will only address “most” network transactions. 

While the chance of a Bitcoin Cash malleability attack is nearly zero, it remains to be seen if the network can remain safe from harm. 

Secondly, the block size has been increased to 32MB through the Satoshi opcodes. 

This is in line with the plans to keep scaling BCH to new levels in the years to come. 

The developers also opted to extend the support for Schnorr signatures. 

In the new upgrade, this will result in all signature checking operations supporting this standard. 

It makes the verification more efficient and also allows for batching, further speeding up the network. 

So far, there have been no significant issues with this new upgrade, which is always reassuring.

Users who have not upgraded their wallets or nodes as of yet are advised to take care of these steps as quickly as possible. 

The next Bitcoin Cash upgrade should occur in roughly six months from now. Which changes are on the table at that time, has yet to be determined.