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Sberbank’s Herman Gref: “Cryptocurrencies Are a Fact of Our Life”

Russia has a very interesting relationship with cryptocurrency. We have seen so many conflicting reports over the past few months, it almost becomes impossible to keep tabs on things. The head of Russia’s Sberbank now claims Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are never going away. It’s a bold statement, although it is evident there is a lot of truth to this train of thought. Russia’s Complicated Relationship With Cryptocurrency There have been conflicting …
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Sberbank And Alfa Bank Suffer From Botnet-based DDoS Attacks

Cyber attacks are becoming far more common in the financial sector than ever before. News reports indicate that two of Russia’s largest banks have been hit by cyber attacks, although details are still hard to come by. Both Sberbank and Alfa Bank have noticed a disruption of their services, which stems forth from ongoing denial of service attacks against both institutions. Hackers Target Some of Russia’s Largest Banks These are …
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