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The First Bitcoin Transaction Happened Exactly 8 Years Ago

January 12th is a historic day in the Bitcoin history books. On this day in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto sent the first ever non-mined Bitcoin transaction over the network to Hal Finney. Ever since that time, the Bitcoin network has significantly grown and evolved into a massive peer-to-peer payment system. It is an important time to remember how this cryptocurrency came to be. January 12th Is An Unofficial Bitcoin Holiday The first …
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eBay User Sells Miner Allegedly Belonging To Satoshi Nakamoto

People who have ever ventured into the world of Bitcoin mining will probably have some redundant hardware laying at home. As mining became more efficient and demanding, older generations of hardware were quickly discarded. One person is trying to sell his old BFL miner by claiming it may have once belonged to Satoshi Nakamoto. A Different Market Strategy That Creates Some Friction Even the people who do not own any …
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