eBay User Sells Miner Allegedly Belonging To Satoshi Nakamoto

People who have ever ventured into the world of Bitcoin mining will probably have some redundant hardware laying at home. As mining became more efficient and demanding, older generations of hardware were quickly discarded. One person is trying to sell his old BFL miner by claiming it may have once belonged to Satoshi Nakamoto.

A Different Market Strategy That Creates Some Friction

Even the people who do not own any cryptocurrency, but have heard of Bitcoin, know the name, Satoshi Nakamoto. While a lot of people in the world want to find out who created Bitcoin, it is very doubtful we’ll ever know. More importantly, it doesn’t really matter who created it; the focus should be on how we can harness this technology moving forward.

That being said, the name Satoshi Nakamoto still attracts a lot of attention these days. One eBay seller decided to try and trick people into buying his redundant BFL Monarch miner. He listed the auction as “Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin Machine” for a starting price of US$650. An interesting approach, although it may create some bad blood among Bitcoin community members.

“I am not a hardware expert, I deal in software programming. I’m making my best effort to research Butterfly Labs early models and relay all relevant info. I do not know Satoshi personally or have any clue where he lives or if that’s even his real name. I have no proof of the conversation, since he directed me to destroy the transcript before he delivered the package.”

The story posted on the eBay listing is ludicrous, yet entertaining. The seller claims to have been contacted by Satoshi Nakamoto, who would send this miner to him. It is just a bunch of made up things, but it may help in selling this item. Moreover, the seller cannot guarantee it even works, which makes the price tag even more ridiculous.

For now, there is no bid on the auction just yet, and we can only hope it stays this way. In fact, this seller should get reported to eBay for misleading customers with a made up story. Sarcasm does not always translate well over the Internet for most people, and they may even believe this tale. At the same time, the seller pledges to donate 30% of the earnings to the American Cancer Society. For now, it is doubtful even that claim is genuine.

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