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What is Samourai Wallet’s WhirlPool?

Given the vast number of Bitcoin wallet solutions, it is difficult to stand out among the crowd. Samourai Wallet never had any issues in that regard. Not only is it one of the most secure – and borderline paranoia – Bitcoin wallets today, but their CoinJoin is also getting a lot of attention. So much even that Whirlpool is a solution most people will gladly take note of in the …
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Samourai Bitcoin Wallet Review

The bitcoin wallet landscape continues to grow every quarter. As more providers start offering bitcoin wallet services, consumers will have more options to choose from. Samourai Wallet is a solution that piques everyone’s interest, as it offers quite a few different features. Even though the project is still in the alpha stage after over a year of development, Samourai Wallet is well worth looking into. An Overview Of Samourai Wallet …
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Samourai Wallet Now Has An OpenBazaar Store

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts have heard about the Samourai Wallet project before, which wants to bring an entirely autonomous Bitcoin wallet service to the table. But there’s more to this concept, as they employ privacy and anonymity features as well. To keep funding the company‚Äôs development, they have recently opened an OpenBazaar store. Also read: Japanese Bitcoin Exchange Zaif Noted Record Trading Volume Last Week Samourai Wallet Store on OpenBazaar It …
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