Samourai Wallet Now Has An OpenBazaar Store

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts have heard about the Samourai Wallet project before, which wants to bring an entirely autonomous Bitcoin wallet service to the table. But there’s more to this concept, as they employ privacy and anonymity features as well. To keep funding the company’s development, they have recently opened an OpenBazaar store.

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Samourai Wallet Store on OpenBazaar

TheMerkle_OpenBazaar Samoura Wallet

It is rather interesting to see Samourai Wallet open up an OpenBazaar store to fund their development further in the coming months. This goes to show that enterprises within the digital currency ecosystem have a vast interest in other projects related to the Bitcoin ecosystem, and OpenBazaar is one of the more interesting concepts to recently come to fruition.

When visiting the Samourai Wallet OpenBazaar store, there is only one item available at the time of writing. A Limited Edition leatherbound samourai Zippo lighter is quite the collectible item to say the last, and it looks very nice. There are no restrictions as to where this item will ship to, as the store is registered as sending items from the United Kingdom.

This item is not created by just anyone either, though, as the Samourai Wallet team has credited the craftsman of this Zippo lighter in their Tweet. Mortuus Bestia is the person who made this limited edition item, and he is a well-versed leather craftsman with a passion for Bitcoin and disruptive ideas in general.

Obtaining this leather bound zippo lighter on OpenBazaar will set users back 0.5 Bitcoin, which is not all that steep of a price to be fair. Limited edition items are always higher in price because they are not as widespread as some other items might be. Moreover, buyers of this Zippo lighter are adequately funding the development of a new Bitcoin wallet solution as well, as the physical object is a mere bonus.

It is positive to see companies such as Samourai Wallet take a slightly different route to continue their development and collect some additional funding along the way. The company is not setting any specific goals with this action, but they are bringing some positive attention to the OpenBazaar initiative as well. Collaboration is essential in the Bitcoin space.

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