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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Spikes to $8,800

At press time, bitcoin is trading for roughly $8,800. This is a $200 jump from where it stood just 24 hours ago, and investors are receiving a glimmer of hope for the future. The price bump suggests that bitcoin’s power is continuing to grow stronger, and despite a few ups and downs this week, the currency is finding it relatively easy to recover from negative hype. Granted bitcoin can keep …
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Ronnie Moas Thinks $300,000 Is a Realistic Bitcoin Price Target

Even for those people who have grown tired of hearing Bitcoin price predictions, it is still worth paying attention to what Ronnie Moas has to say. In his latest prediction, Moas claims Bitcoin will surge past US$20,000 very soon. That seems to be only a matter of time at this rate. However, Moas also believes that this will only be the beginning, and that Bitcoin may eventually settle at a value in the …
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