Ronnie Moas Thinks $300,000 Is a Realistic Bitcoin Price Target

Even for those people who have grown tired of hearing Bitcoin price predictions, it is still worth paying attention to what Ronnie Moas has to say. In his latest prediction, Moas claims Bitcoin will surge past US$20,000 very soon. That seems to be only a matter of time at this rate. However, Moas also believes that this will only be the beginning, and that Bitcoin may eventually settle at a value in the six figures. It’s an interesting idea, although there are still a lot of hurdles ahead.

Ronnie Moas is a Permabull

While most people have high expectations for the Bitcoin price moving forward, there are also those who take a more cautious approach. After all, the price per BTC could go to US$1,000 as easily as it could go to US$50,000 at this point in time. While it seems more likely the Bitcoin price will surpass US$20,000 and then keep moving up from there, there is always a certain risk involved with these things. For his part, Ronnie Moas is pretty confident there will be no retracement whatsoever.

More specifically, his short-term Bitcoin price prediction is US$20,000. That is on par with current market sentiment, although breaking this resistance and turning it into a support level will not be without setbacks. It is another of those “mental barriers” for traders and speculators, which often tend to be particularly difficult to break on a permanent basis. Then again, the price seems to be moving toward this price level as we speak.

Moas’s long-term Bitcoin price prediction is a lot more interesting. In his opinion, we will see a 400% increase from the current price. That would catapult the value of one Bitcoin to six digits in the next few months. Exactly how and when that will happen remains to be seen, though. If the year 2017 is any indication, such a massive gain could be a matter of just months or even weeks.

Furthermore, Moas states the US$100,000 threshold will not necessarily be the final stop for Bitcoin either. As part of his permabullish attitude, he envisions a world in which one Bitcoin is worth US$300,000 or more. At that point, it would become the most valuable currency in the world today, assuming no other major shakeups take place in the world of finance before this happens. The scarce availability of Bitcoin combined with its limited “end” supply certainly allow for such a development – assuming, that is, that there are enough people willing to spend so much money on one Bitcoin.

Although Moas didn’t specify a specific timeline for his predictions, he noted that people would try to get their hands on a scarce supply of BTC “in two years”. Assuming that is any indication, we should expect to see the Bitcoin price surge by another 1,400% over the next 48 months. It is good to dream big, although such a prediction seems rather unrealistic at this point in time. Then again, nothing is impossible in the cryptocurrency world.

Whether or not Ronnie Moas will be right in the end remains to be seen. A lot of speculators are very bullish on the Bitcoin price as of right now, although the camp of naysayers is growing as well. There is no reason to go all-in on Bitcoin right now unless you can really afford to lose all of that money if the predictions don’t come true. One has to keep in mind that Bitcoin has experienced a massive rally these past few years, and it has to end at some point. When that will be is anybody’s guess right now.