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Cryptocurrency ICOs – Advantages vs Disadvantages

Cryptocurrency ICOs are quite popular these days. Not only are they accessible to the general public, but there is also a good chance to buy cheap tokens and see them appreciate in value over time. That does not mean ICOs are not without risks, though, as there are always some potential drawbacks when making investments. Below are some advantages and disadvantages related to cryptocurrency ICOs. 2. Cryptocurrency ICO Disadvantages As …
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Top 3 Real Risks Associated With Artificial Intelligence Development

Developing a full-scale artificial intelligence is a great yet dangerous concept at the same time. There are quite a few risks associated with creating an AI, even though nearly every problem can be prevented by the person responsible for coding these solutions. Having an AI that is much smarter than us or takes control over our entire infrastructure is just one of the possible concerns to take into consideration. 3. …
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