Top 3 Real Risks Associated With Artificial Intelligence Development

Developing a full-scale artificial intelligence is a great yet dangerous concept at the same time. There are quite a few risks associated with creating an AI, even though nearly every problem can be prevented by the person responsible for coding these solutions. Having an AI that is much smarter than us or takes control over our entire infrastructure is just one of the possible concerns to take into consideration.

3. Self-evolving AI

Artificial intelligence is built around software that allows robots and other devices to become smarter over time. As they interact more with their primary user and other people, AIs will eventually become more and more intelligent. While that is a positive development, it also causes grave concern among top scientists and technology enthusiasts.

The evolution of AI is a double-edged sword. Eventually, an AI will become as smart and powerful as our species’ brightest minds. When that time arrives, the question becomes whether or not we can still control our own creations. Even if the programming is flawless, an AI may one day decide it no longer needs human input or interaction. It is unclear what would happen at such a time, although there is a 50% chance it will not end in our favor.

2. Using All Means Necessary

Even the artificially intelligent solutions built to do good can showcase bad behavior. Given the literal thinking of AIs, they will use any means necessary to achieve their goal. That also means they can resort to most destructive tactics to ensure they can follow their programming. It will be up to the coders responsible for these programs to ensure bad behavior is punished and eventually eliminated.

One great example of AI software having badly comes in the form of competing AI solutions. When AIs are put into a competitive space where they have to “win” from other similar solutions, bad behavior almost becomes second nature. Scientists and engineers have to come up with ways to ensure this “violent behavior” cannot escalate and cause irreparable damage in the end.

1. AI Coding With Devastating Results

The doomsday scenario for AI solutions is how they ultimately lead to the extinction of the human race as we know it today. The Terminator movies have depicted what could happen if an AI is programmed in a way that gives it just a bit too much free reign. While Skynet may not be upon us for quite some time to come, AI solutions can be devastating in different manners.

Autonomous weapons, for examples, are a very legitimate threat to our species. Although most of these weapons still require a human to give the “kill command”, some of the more recently developed weaponry raises a lot of concerns. Additionally, countries competing to build the most advanced AI will eventually create a new arms race, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

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