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Uber Installs Digital Taxi Meters To Comply With Regulation In India

Uber is one of the most prominent and disruptive companies the ride-sharing industry has seen to date. But despite their initial success, the company is facing a lot of opposition in certain regions. India is one of those areas where the company is forced to go the extra mile. Installing digital taxi meters is just one example of how determined Uber is. India And Uber Remain an Odd Couple Ride-sharing …
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Insurance Company China Life Backs Both Didi Chuxing And Uber China

Uber continues to face stiff competition from Didi Chuxing, a different ride-hailing competitor active in the area. China Life, which backed Uber China a few months ago, has invested US$600m into Didi Chuxing last weekend, showing they are not willing to put all of their eggs in the Uber basket just yet. Investors Keep Tabs On All Ride-hailing Competitors It is interesting to note how major investors are betting on …
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Uber Lacks Transparency To Build A Fair Ecosystem

Uber is one of those companies bringing serious innovation to the financial industry as we know it. By effectively bypassing existing regulation and legislation, ride-sharing businesses throw a monkey wrench in the stranglehold governments have consumers. Despite its attractive business scheme, Uber is not as rosy as people would believe it is. In fact, the company is facing a ton of driver lawsuits, as people are far from happy with …
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