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Bitcoin Price Stable After The Halving

The reduction in half of the rewards given to miners for securing the Bitcoin Blockchain Network, brought to the table several speculations and uncertainty about the price of bitcoin and its stability, however, today, the price of bitcoin remains apparently stable, at a rate of around 650$, demonstrating that those who stated that the Halving is a normal and scheduled process, and as such, would not have any important impact …
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Bitcoin Halving Does Not Necessarily Mean Miners Will Earn Less

With the Bitcoin halving right around the corner, there will be a change coming to how much miners can earn every single day. Although a lot of people will feel the Bitcoin mining process will become a lot less profitable, that will depend on the Bitcoin price by then. Bitcoin Halving And Mining Rewards It does not take a mathematical genius to figure out what the Bitcoin halving will mean. …
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Proposal To Give 45% of Block Reward To Bitcoin Node Operators Is Silly

Throughout the years, there has been a lot of discussion on whether or not people should receive an incentive for supporting the Bitcoin network by running a full node. Even though there is no need to reward people for these steps, new ideas to change that situation keep popping up now and then. One particular Reddit user would take a page out of DASH’s book and pay up to 45% …
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