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One of Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

It is always good to see more brick-and-mortar locations accept bitcoin payments. While not all of these businesses do a  great job at advertising support for this alternative payments, it’s not overly difficult o find out details either. Eat Me, a famous restaurant in Bangkok, is not accepted Bitcoin payments. Famous Asian Restaurant Accepts Bitcoin One thing most places accepting Bitcoin payments have in common is how they are not …
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La Strada In Dorset Unveils Bitcoin ATM

It is always positive to see merchants accept Bitcoin payments, especially when it is related to an industry consumers can benefit from on a large scale. Restaurants present an excellent use case for Bitcoin payments, as they usually see a lot of foot traffic and want to serve as many generations of consumers as possible. Dorset now has its first Italian restaurant accepting Bitcoin payments, as La Strada has installed …
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