La Strada In Dorset Unveils Bitcoin ATM

It is always positive to see merchants accept Bitcoin payments, especially when it is related to an industry consumers can benefit from on a large scale. Restaurants present an excellent use case for Bitcoin payments, as they usually see a lot of foot traffic and want to serve as many generations of consumers as possible. Dorset now has its first Italian restaurant accepting Bitcoin payments, as La Strada has installed a Bitcoin ATM at their location.

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La Strada Is Big on Bitcoin

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It is not uncommon for a restaurant to accept Bitcoin payments, nor is it the first time such a business installs a Bitcoin ATM at their premises. But this event marks a milestone in the city of Dorset, as La Strada is the very first Italian restaurant to accept digital currency payments. But Bitcoin itself is not the main selling point for this restaurant.

Instead, there has been a lot of focus on the ATM that can be used by customers, which lets users buy Bitcoin in exchange for fiat currency. Even though these machines look similar to regular bank ATMs, they have been a topic of discussion for the La Strada owner. Part of that success can be attributed to how the machine also lets users sell digital currency, making it one of the few two-way Bitcoin ATMs in the world.

Keeping in mind how only a fraction of the world’s currency is transacted in cash, it makes sense for business owners to look for alternative payment solutions. Bitcoin attracts a global crowd, as it would allow tourists to pay at La Strada without worrying about currency conversions or limited support for that particular payment method.

La Strada owner Ami Norian stated:

“Bitcoin is the way of the future. We think we’re the first restaurant in the whole of Dorset which has a Bitcoin machine for people to come and try this unique opportunity. They’ll want to come and invest money and to pay the restaurant. I’m looking forward to seeing people’s interest.”

It is worth noting this particular Bitcoin ATM was installed by Heliopay, a UK company active in the world of building out Bitcoin teller machine networks. Moreover, the company provides customers with all of the necessary tools, as well as staff training, to make the transition to Bitcoin as smooth as possible.

Source: Bournemouth Echo

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