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Regulators Start To See Bitcoin As “Prosecution Futures”

Regulators have mixed feelings towards Bitcoins, a trend that most people have noticed over the past few years. At the same time, there is a growing number of officials who see Bitcoin and blockchain as “prosecution futures”, due to the technology making it easy to track funds. Whereas many people associate cryptocurrency with criminal activity, the opposite is becoming more apparent every week. Law Enforcement Can Benefit From Bitcoin Technology …
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Dan Kaminsky Pleas For More Action instead of Discussion To Improve Online Security Standards

While hackers pose a serious threat to the freedom of internet users these days, they are not the only ones to do so. Regulators are becoming more aggressive to lock down our online freedoms as well. Unless security standards are taken seriously very soon, the Internet as we know it will be lost to us forever. Online Security Matters A Lot More Than You Think The recent Black Hat conference …
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Japanese Regulators Hold Meeting on Bitcoin Legislation

Japanese regulators are taking steps to introduce digital currency regulations. Yesterday, members of Japan’s Financial Services Agency held a meeting to discuss legislation, money laundering and security implications of virtual currency technologies. The meeting also included digital currency exchange operators in Japan, who provided some insight into the current status of the bitcoin economy in Japan and around the world. According to a Nikkei Asian article, “Some 20 billion yen …
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