Dan Kaminsky Pleas For More Action instead of Discussion To Improve Online Security Standards

While hackers pose a serious threat to the freedom of internet users these days, they are not the only ones to do so. Regulators are becoming more aggressive to lock down our online freedoms as well. Unless security standards are taken seriously very soon, the Internet as we know it will be lost to us forever.

Online Security Matters A Lot More Than You Think

The recent Black Hat conference in Las Vegas touched upon some very interesting subjects. Online security is a big topic of debate, and very few people seem to be taking it seriously. Security experts mentioned how regulators and hackers are gaining the upper hand on the Internet, which is a situation that needs to be avoided at all costs.

In fact, security expert Dan Kaminsky mentioned how corporations need to embrace the isolated architecture of cloud technology and virtual machines. While there is some trust in virtual machines, cloud technology still has to pass the overall test of long-term security. After all, most cloud offerings are nothing more than giving sensitive data to a third-party which can be breached at any given time.

Dan Kaminsky stated the following during his speech:

“We are at a moment where so many things are getting hacked and where there is this drive to do something about security. And it is astonishing to see how the government is incredibly focused on the debate about encryption. It’s sucking the oxygen away from the question of ‘What do we have to do to make security actually a thing people deploy?’ I want to make it easy… [and] make it integrate.”

Unfortunately, that will be much easier said than done. Right now, regulators and hackers are making the Internet a far less attractive concept than it has ever been. Consumers should be very afraid of what could happen if they do not take adequate precautions. That applies to both hacking attempts and regulator spying, as users give up their privacy far too easily online.

IronFrame, a project being developed by Kaminsky and some other developers, seeks to change the way we browse the Internet. This project eliminates clickjacking, which prevents users from inadvertently visiting malicious websites. Getting enterprises and consumers to embrace a whole new browser will be quite a challenge, though.

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