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Microsoft Envision Is A Partnership With R3 CEV

Microsoft has announced a new event focusing on the blockchain revolution, called Microsoft Envision. The main purpose of this initiative is to bring together experts from a ¬†wide variety of industries and get them acquainted with the concept of using the blockchain as a solution for the digital age. Distributed ledger technology offers a wide variety of benefits, and Microsoft wants to stress its importance even more than ever before. …
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The Who’s Who of Bitcoin And Blockchain Technology

It’s nice to see more traditional financial outlets paying positive attention to Bitcoin and blockchain in recent months. Yahoo Finance of all places has listed a decent amount of prominent companies in both sectors. Although the future of Bitcoin remains up in the air according to most consumers and financial experts, the ecosystem is growing and maturing every day. Also read: Digital Catapult Pitch-off Features Blockchain Startups The Usual Suspects …
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