Microsoft Envision Is A Partnership With R3 CEV

Microsoft has announced a new event focusing on the blockchain revolution, called Microsoft Envision. The main purpose of this initiative is to bring together experts from a  wide variety of industries and get them acquainted with the concept of using the blockchain as a solution for the digital age. Distributed ledger technology offers a wide variety of benefits, and Microsoft wants to stress its importance even more than ever before.

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Microsoft Envision And The Blockchain

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Although the technology giant has been showing a lot of support for blockchain technology through their Azure service, the company strongly feels how distributed ledgers are the future for any industry looking to innovate. In fact, the company stress how businesses and consumers need to look beyond Bitcoin as far as the blockchain is concerned.

However, the Microsoft Envision principle is an indication of the recent partnership between the technology giant and R3 CEV. This consortium of leading financial institutions has been developing their own privatized version of blockchain technology over the past year or so, and deploying this new concept will help modernize outdated processes and infrastructure.

The Microsoft blog post reads:

“Bringing together resources from across the company, this partnership empowers R3’s members with intelligent technology for faster experimentation, technical agility and accelerated learning. Member banks will use our cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, and have access to our expanding network of more than 45 partner Blockchain-as-a-Service solution providers for development and testing.”

Dedicated support for the R3 consortium will bring a lot more resources to the table, that much is certain. Moreover, Microsoft Envision will provide a flexible ecosystem for established financial players to get access to blockchain technology, and see how it could impact their existing infrastructure.

Last but not least, Microsoft Envision will allow R3 consortium members to benefit from the enterprise-grade cloud security and privacy protection offered by the technology giant. Plus, there will be a large focus on cloud compliance and the Microsoft certification portfolio, both of which are invaluable for financial services looking to keep up with technological innovation.

Source: Microsoft

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