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Quedex offers Bitcoin-centric Futures and Options Tailored To Crypto Traders

With the recent introduction of CBOE and CME Bitcoin futures to allow institutional traders some exposure to Bitcoin, Quedex looks to be the cryptocurrency counterpart, offering Bitcoin futures and options on a Bitcoin-centric platform. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Quedex is different because traditional Bitcoin derivatives are products for those that want to be insulated from Bitcoin on a regulated fiat exchange. One big difference is that while traders …
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What Is Quedex?

Bitcoin futures and options are two interesting investment vehicles. Both expose people to Bitcoin price volatility without┬áthem even having to own the world’s leading cryptocurrency. It is an interesting take on things which seems to work quite well for mainstream investors. Quedex wants to get its share of the pie in this regard. This new platform warrants a closer look, although one always needs to do their own research before …
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