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Ethereum Will Have a Quantum-proof Wallet in the Form of EnQlave

In the cryptocurrency industry, there is always demand for safe and secure wallet solutions. EnQlave positions itself as the “quantum safe for crypto assets”, but it remains to be seen if they can live up to those expectations. Crypto and blockchain enthusiasts are concerned about the era of quantum computing. EnQlave Aims to be Quantum-proof It is widely considered that quantum hardware will effectively break current protocols with relative ease.  …
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Teleportation May Become a Reality as Physicists Propose a New Scheme

Developments in the scientific world are both groundbreaking and incredibly scary at the same time. A while ago, physicists came up with a radical proposal that would teleport the memory of an organism. Teleportation of this magnitude is absolutely unheard of until now, yet it goes to show the concept of teleporting matter or memories remains an intriguing field of research. Can We Teleport Memory In The First Place? That …
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