Ethereum Will Have a Quantum-proof Wallet in the Form of EnQlave

In the cryptocurrency industry, there is always demand for safe and secure wallet solutions. EnQlave positions itself as the “quantum safe for crypto assets”, but it remains to be seen if they can live up to those expectations.

Crypto and blockchain enthusiasts are concerned about the era of quantum computing.

EnQlave Aims to be Quantum-proof

It is widely considered that quantum hardware will effectively break current protocols with relative ease. 

To ensure that is not a problem, solutions need to be found well ahead of time.

For the enQlave team, that solution comes in the form as a standalone post-quantum wallet for Ethereum.

More specifically, users are offered a chance to secure their ether and ERC20 tokens from quantum theft.

This also means that the native QRL token will be advertised as the first “post-quantum secure token on Ethereum”.

It is also worth noting that enQlave is compatible with the Ledger hardware wallet series. 

Outbound transactions will be signed with the default Ethereum ECDSA signature, as well as an XMSS signature from a public key.

For now, the enQlave wallet is still a prototype, as it is not production ready just yet.

All of the code will be open sourced and the Github repo will become publicly accessible fairly soon. 


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