Teleportation May Become a Reality as Physicists Propose a New Scheme

Developments in the scientific world are both groundbreaking and incredibly scary at the same time. A while ago, physicists came up with a radical proposal that would teleport the memory of an organism. Teleportation of this magnitude is absolutely unheard of until now, yet it goes to show the concept of teleporting matter or memories remains an intriguing field of research.

Can We Teleport Memory In The First Place?

That would be the question most people would ask out loud when hearing these kind of news. If two Chinese scientists are to be believed, it is rather straightforward to extract memories from one organism and teleport it to another. By using electromechanical oscillators and superconducting circuits, they can teleport the internal quantum state Рmemory Рof microorganisms An exciting development that can have widespread consequences.

Moreover, these two scientists proposed a new scheme to create a state in which any microorganism can be in two places at the same time. Anyone who has ever watched Star Trek, the movie Jumper, or other sci-fi themed content, will know that existing in two places at the same time is impossible. However, it is also the first step towards achieving proper teleportation of organisms at a later date.

To put this latter concept idea, one has to know about Schrodinger’s test first. Erwin Schrodinger aimed to conduct an experiment by putting a cat in a position of being both alive and dead at the same time. Although it has been impossible to do so – for obvious reasons – recent developments in understanding quantum mechanics allow scientists to revisit this topic.

Few people realize quantum teleportation has seen many breakthroughs over the past few decades. Atoms, ions, and superconducting circuits have all been successfully teleported up to various degrees. While these breakthroughs are nothing short of amazing, it will take a few more decades before we can start experimenting with teleporting organisms or their state.

Putting a microorganism in two places at the same time is an incredibly valuable development in the world of quantum teleportation. While this work is considered highly unconventional, the scientists are hopeful their work will bring more positive attention to the concept of teleportation as a whole. Additionally, this development will create new use cases and applications for this technology.

The past few years have been quite positive for quantum teleportation as a whole. In September of 2016, news broke about two studies showing how quantum teleportation was feasible over  a distance of several miles. Not only will this help us build a quantum internet over time, but it also grants valuable information related to the future of teleportation as a whole. No one will be beamed up overnight by any means, but the once ludicrous concept of teleportation is becoming a serious matter rather quickly.

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