Bitcoin May Switch to an Alternative Proof-of-work Algorithm in the Future

It is evident major changes will come to the bitcoin ecosystem as we know it today. No one knows for…

5 years ago

Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work vs Proof of Burn

Many different technologies exist within the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Proof of work is by far the most commonly…

5 years ago

Casper May Cause Centralized Staking By Rich Ethereum Holders

The Ethereum developers have unveiled some more details regarding the Casper release. As part of this release, Ethereum will also…

5 years ago

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Grasping the entire concept of Bitcoin in one go is all but impossible for anyone. Even the people who have…

6 years ago

Bitcoin Node Owners Do Not Need Incentives

The Bitcoin network is only as strong as the number of miners and nodes supporting the protocol. At this time,…

6 years ago

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