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SUNC Raised Around 6.3 Million Dollars on Stage 1 – 4 Presale

SUNC has been taking place its presales for a few times since June 15th, 2021. Lately, 6.3 million dollars has been raised through the presales stage 1 to 4. After July 12th, unsold tokens will be available to be purchased, on presale stage 5. What is SUNC? SUNC is an original token issued by a project. It gives beneficiary rights of the revenue from the online casino to the holders, …
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CoinDirect ICO – Decentralized Fund Management for Casinos

With the rise in the amount of Bitcoin casinos on the market, users are looking for easier ways to manage their funds. High stake players may not necessarily trust many new casinos with managing their funds since the platforms do not have a reputation that is at stake to keep users funds secure. This is where Coindirect comes in, led by blockchain developer Nico Ami Lee, the open source project …
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